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The Internet and TV specials


Often, television programs use the Internet to supplement information. PBS has done several, and some of them are outstanding. 

One of my favorites is a Frontline program entitled "From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians." It was produced several years ago, and the site is still on the Web. The video is also still available and can be ordered online.

The Web site for this program is one of the most extensive sources of information from a wide variety of scholars that I have ever seen. Even if you do not order the video, the Web site is well worth viewing. I must warn you, though, allow plenty of time for exploration. You'll find that it will be hard to keep from delving deeper and deeper. Click on the image below to view the site.

                                            (picture was obtained from Frontline Web site)

Recently, PBS also produced a program entitled "The 1900 House." The video is also for sale online. I would recommend that you view the video (currently available at some libraries for free) before you look at the Web site. This Web site merely supplements the program, and is not as meaningful unless the program has previously been seen. Click on the picture below to view the Web site.

                                (picture was obtained from "The 1900 House" Web site)

Now you know how fun it is to visit Internet sites that coincide with television programs. I hope you'll keep this in mind the next time you hear of an upcoming special.

The PBS Web site provides information on programs it will offer. You might want to check this site periodically for topics of interest to you. Click on their logo below to see what's currently being offered.