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Learning styles


People learn in different ways. Just as we prefer different perfume, music, or types of food, we also feel more comfortable obtaining information in ways that fit our preferred "style" of learning.

Knowing your preferred learning style, (the way you learn best) can help you choose which activities on this website will be of the most interest to you.

Most of us learn by blending several styles, but we usually prefer just one or two. Linda Coates has identified four learning styles. Go to her web site and decide which one or two fits you best.

Here are activities on my web site that would probably be of the most interest for each of the following learning styles:


Type A - The Builder                                            

        Design wallpaper                       

        Search for driving directions


Type B - The Memorizer

        Design a letterhead template

        The Internet and TV specials


Type C - The Questioner

        News online

        Book a hotel online



Type D - The Co-operator

        E-mail etiquette

      The Internet and TV specials