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Creating letterhead templates


Many of us use our computers to write letters. It is easy to create "stationary" you can use over and over.

Open up your word processing program and, at the top of a blank document, print your name, address, etc., and make the lettering as large as you'd like. 

You might even insert pictures by going to the "Insert" menu on the tool bar and move down to "picture". From here, you can choose "clip art" or "from a file."

After you've created letterhead you like, it's time to save your work. Click on "File", then choose the "Save as" option.

Once you've chosen "Save as," you will see another box. Give your file a name that you will remember. Then, at the bottom of the box, you will see "Save as type." Here, there will be a pull-down menu, so click on the bottom down arrow. Look for "Document Template (*.dot) and select it. Now press "Save" at the lower right hand corner of the box. You're done!

You will be able to use your template whenever you write letters. You might want to compose two, one for business matters and one for personal communications.