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Need a map? If you have an address, maps and written step-by-step directions are available on-line. To test this service, request directions to a place you have already been. You will be able to judge for yourself how accurate the directions will be for future destinations.

A good site for directions is Once on the site, click on "Driving directions." Then, simply fill in the blanks to provide the address where you'll start your trip and the address of your destination. The directions are given both in the form of a visual map and verbal directions. Print them out and you're on your way.

While at the site, you might want to explore further. Click on "Road Atlas." When the new screen appears, on the left hand side is an option to investigate national parks. For example, when you pull up the Shenandoah National Park, you'll be provided with a topographical map showing ranger stations, camp grounds, and hiking trails. A road atlas map of the surrounding area is only a click away. Information about facilities available is also provided, along with a description of the area. 


Another feature is a listing of roads designated by the National Scenic Byways Program as outstanding examples of scenic, historic, recreational, cultural, archeological, and/or natural qualities. These may not be the fastest or most direct routes to take, but they will probably be the most memorable.

MapQuest also provides information about many cities. A helpful feature is a detailing of major road construction in these areas. Museums and other places of interest are also listed, along with headlines from the local papers.

Enjoy the journey!